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I have spent more than 20 years of my life deepening and improving my knowledge of the Italian culture, history and cuisine I have learned since my childhood in Florence, Italy. My goal was to learn to better my fellow Americans with my great Italian heritage. I have done this through magazines, books, lectures and seminars, printed and online. I strongly believe that
culture and spirituality are the
best tools to understand different people and civilizations. They are a very important tool to harmonize this everyday smaller world, to bring people closer and make our earth more and more livable. To work at this is what I love most, this is my passion!


All lectures are supported by images, audio, video and music.
The duration is 45 to 60 minutes plus questions, which are very welcome.

From Tuscany to the United States and to the World
The Magic of Olive Oil: Health, Beauty, Sport and Cooking
Pasta The Adventure of the Universal Food
Food as Culture The journey took 8,000 years: experiences and discoveries; traditions and innovation.
The series: Cooking & Living of...
? The Etruscans
    ? Romans and Pompeians
    ? The People of Europe in the Middle Ages
    ? Renaissance and the Medici