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Apple and Stracchino Omelet  ●Black pepper biscuits "Roschette Piccanti"  ●Arugula, Fontina and Prosciutto Omelet  ●Avocado and Prosciutto di Parma  ●Bresaola with Tuna Sauce  ●Bruschetta with Red Peppers and Goat Cheese  ●Cannellini Beans in a FlaskCaper and Olive SauceCarpaccio of AvocadoCrepe Wraps with Salami, Peppers and OlivesFresh tomato bruschetta 
Gorgonzola and Walnut Tartine  ●Lobster Cocktail SaladLeek Focaccia Mini Phyllo Shells with Mushroom Mousse  ●Pancetta, Oyster and Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Crostini Pinzimonio  ●Rosemary-Apple Napoleon  ●Sage Crostini  ●Sauteed Artichokes  ●Smoked Salmon CrostiniSpicy Tramezzini  ●Stuffed MushroomsVegetable Phyllo ScrollsVegetarian TartineVol-Au-Vents with Grapes  ●Whole Wheat Tramezzini with Prosciutto and WalnutsWine biscuits

Amalfi Seafood Salad  ●Arugula Salad with Apples, Walnuts and GorgonzolaBalsamic Beans  ●Cranberry Salad  ●Endive Salad with Apple and Walnuts  ●Farro Salad  ●Grapefruit and Black Olive Salad  ●Mushroom and Parmigiano Salad  ●Potato and Green Olive Salad  ●Radicchio and Arugula Salad  ●Sea Scallop Salad  ●Tuna, Red Onion and Cannellini Bean Salad  ●Warm Potato and Zucchini Antipasto  ●Warm Shrimp-Caper Salad with Scallions

Balsamic Vinegar-Glazed Rigatoni with Basil and Pecorino  ●Beet Pasta with Goat Cheese Sauce  ●Bucatini all'amatricianaCalcioni di ricotta rustici  Carrot and Parsley Fusilli  ●Casarecci with Pesto Ericino and Olives  ●Cavatelli with Pork Ragu'  ●Farfalle with Salmon in Vodka SauceGnocchi with Montasio Sauce and Leeks  ●Fettuccine with Artichokes and Pancetta  ●Gnocchi with Zucchine  ●Lasagna with Pesto and Mushrooms  ●Linguine with Crabmeat Maltagliati with Radicchio Rosso di TrevisoMushroom Penne  ●Orecchiette with Mussels and Cannellini Beans  ●Orecchiette with Sweet Peppers  ●Pappa al PomodoroPenne with Radicchio, Pancetta, and Balsamic Vinegar  ●Penne with Mozzarella and Broccoli  ●Penne with Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomato  ●Polenta Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Mushroom Ragu'  ●Porcini Mushroom Ravioli  ●Potato and Spinach Gnocchi with Veal and Mushroom Rag?/font>  ●Red Cabbage Risotto  ●Sausage and Vegetable Cannelloni  ●Seafood Spaghetti  ●Spaghetti-Stuffed Peppers  ●Spaghetti with black truffles 
●Spinach Tagliatelle with Butter and ParmesanStraw and HayLasagna with Veal Rag?/font>

Black Ink Rice with a Baby Octopus Crown  ●Crawfish Risotto  Grape and Grappa Risotto  ●Radicchio Rosso di Treviso and Amarone Risotto  ●Risotto with asparagus and taleggio  Risotto with Turkey and Cranberries

Artichoke Soup with Chanterelle Mushrooms  Chunky Mushroom Soup  ●Couscous with Fish Broth  ●Mini meatball soup  ●Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Soup  ●Roasted Garlic Soup

Apple and Stracchino Omelet  ●Arugula, Fontina and Prosciutto Omelet  ●Cheese bread  ●Cheese-filled crescent cookies  Fig and Caprino Crostata  ●Fig and Caprino Crostata  ●Mascarpone-Lemon Crostata  ●Montasio Crostata with Blueberry SauceRicotta Crostata  ●Stracchino Chicken Breasts  ●Sun-Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Zucchini Rolls

Chianti Sausage  ●Cranberry Pork Loin  ●Grappa Chicken  ●Lentils with SausageRoasted Pork Loin with Potatoes  ●Roasted Veal Marsala with Prosciutto  ●Rosemary-Roasted Pork with Hazelnuts  Sausage and Cannellini Beans  ●Sopressata and Cannellini Bean Stew  ●Birds Blown Away - Uccelli Scappati  ●Veal Rag?/font>

Beef medallions alla Rossini  ●Beef Tenderloin with Cranberry Cream SauceBranzino with Lemons, Capers and White Wine  Filet Mignon with Balsamic VinegarGrilled Shrimp and Salmon Skewers  ●Marinated Ribs with Balsamic VinegarRoasted Lamb with Fennel  ●Saltimbocca alla romana  ●Truffled Omelet with Oysters

Chicken, Avocado and Mango Salad  ●Chicken Fricassee  ●Cranberry-Prosciutto Stuffed Turkey  ●Lobster and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken Rolls  ●Mediterranean-Style Chicken Salad  ●Roasted Duck Breast with Sweet Wine Sauce  ●Roasted Lemon-Thyme Chicken  ●Sage-Roasted Chicken  ●Stracchino Chicken Breasts  ●Turkey rolls with olives

Amalfi Seafood Salad  ●Cacciucco alla Livornese  ●Calamari with Swiss Chard and White Wine  Genoese Tuna  ●Grilled Swordfish with Pesto  ●Herbed Crab CakesLobster Cocktail Salad  Orange salmon  ●Roasted Swordfish  ●Scialatielli with ClamsSea Bream with Balsamic Vinegar and Onion Sauce  ●Sea Scallop Salad  ●Shrimp and Asparagus Salad  ●Sole with Red Pepper and Pistachio Pesto  ●
Shrimp and Sweet Wine Casserole 
Sicilian-Style Oysters  ●Sicilian TunaStuffed Mussels  ●Stuffed MusselsTuna, Red Onion and Cannellini Bean Salad  ●Warm Shrimp-Caper Salad with Scallions

Eolian Frittata  ●Fennel Gratinato  ●Marinated Eggplant  ●Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts  ●Peppers with Balsamic Vinegar  ●Sauted Vegetables

Apricot Strawberry Crostata
  Bigne' di San Giuseppe  ●Cantaloupe Summer SorbetCranberry Apples  ●Cranberry Torte  ●Ice Cream-Stuffed Pandoro  ●Mango-Berry Zabaglione  ●Marsala Cherries  ●Mascarpone Lemon CrostataMixed Berry Gelato Nutella Crostata  ●Pandoro Pudding  ●Panna cotta and fresh berries  ●Peach MoussePear and Cream Crostata  ●Pecan Crostata  ●Pere Savarin  ●Pumpkin CrostataRoasted Winter Fruit Trifle  ●Senator Sfogliatelle  ●Sicilian Cannoli  ●Strawberry Pies