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Paolo Villoresi is an historian, a passionate researcher of Italian cuisine and culture; his books, lectures, seminars and videos are the best testimony to it.

CIBO Italian Food for Body Mind & Spirit is Paolo? new Magazine an on-line bimonthly publication with videos, audio, music and articles of experts about Italian Lifestyle, cuisine, art, tourism and culture.

CIBO is integrated by LA PIAZZA ITALIANA the Italian Square my portal dedicated to experts and operators of the Italian Style.

Paolo Villoresi often participates in debates and conferences and gives lectures at various Italian and American centers and universities, such as St. John?s, Hofstra, the University of Texas, Johns Hopkins, UC Davis in California, The Culinary Institute of America in Saint Helena, and the prestigious Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Paolo Villoresi has published Olice, a history of olive oil sponsored by UNICEF, Signature Pasta, Cooking with Olive Oil and My Holiday Table, compilations of modern and classical recipes, and Whole Wheat My Love, the only book of recipes for Whole Wheat pasta. My Love series:  Olive Oil My Love, 6000 years of civilization; Pasta My Love, pasta from all points of view; Herbs My Love, culture, health, and cooking with herbs; Cheese My Love, culture, technical notes, and cooking with Italian cheese.

Gourmet Dossiers is the name of a new series of very illustrated books to be downloaded: Fabulous Finger Food, Fabulous Party Pasta, Fabulous Spaghetti, Fabulous Party Sweets.

Paolo have launch and directed The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana for 12 years: the first prestigious Italian cooking magazine in the US and Canada and the only certified by ABC. Later he published and directed Italian Cooking & Living geared to a younger audience.

Villoresi was born in Florence, Italy where he studied political science. He comes from an old Florentine family of art-lovers who taught him to look upon the traditions of Italian cuisine as an integral part of Italian culture. He is a member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and of the Societ?Dante Alighieri. He is father of four and lives in New York with his wife and 18-year old daughter.