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Each Course consists of a series of seminars/classes supported by audio, video, music and images;
Courses are foreseen for High School Students and form Adults;
Courses touch on history, geography, literature, and culture in general discussing the specific information of each topic;
Each course may be farther developed for specific proposes;
More details are available on request: click here

The Masks, Carnevale & La commedia dell?Arte

From the ancient Greeks to Goldoni
3 Seminars

Pasta & Cinema
The Universal Food from the ancient Greeks to Hollywood: History, Health, Techniques and Origin of pasta and recipes of the last 30 Centuries
3 Seminars

At the Table of the Ancients - Etiquette
Manners, Tools and Habits of : Etruscans, Romans, Middle ages and Renaissance people up to the 20th Century.
3 Seminars

The adventure of Olive Oil
From Mesopotamia to California: 6000 years of History, Health, Beauty, Sport and Cuisine
3 Seminars

Tuscany: a monster!
The Incredible Adventure of a Tiny peace of the World from the Etruscan to America: Geniuses, Discoverers, Artists, Politicians and Chefs of the last 3000 years.
3 Seminars