Jan 11

Besides all the technicalities, I would like to give you a few guidelines to use for the evaluation of a cheese.

  1. By Sight: If there appears to be many small holes in the crust or in the surface of a wedge, it indicates that the cheese has been over fermented.
  2. By Smell: One should be able to perceive the typical aromas and perfumes of a given cheese.
  3. By Taste: The evaluation should be very similar to the one by smell. The taste should be acidic, salty, bitter, or piquant.
  4. On the Palate: There are various sensations one feels while eating a piece of cheese. For instance, one could feel that the paste of the cheese is compact, it is elastic to the point of being chewy, or that it is easily soluble by saliva.

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Jan 4

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Nov 30


This is my collection of the most famous cheeses imported from Italy. Cheese making is one of the first ways of cooking used by man earlier than 3000 years ago and the first system man devised to preserve food. Good cheese is good for you, is nourishing, healthy and appetizing; the best way to enjoy cheese is with a good piece of bread, the appropriate wine and the company of a friend!

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