Nov 22

Start off your Thanksgiving Italian style: Pour a bubbly aperitivo and get everyone in a festive mood even before the meal begins. Refreshingly crisp and light, a dry Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene spumante is a perfect alternative to champagne. You may close the dinner with a flute of Moscato, an exceptional dessert wine to enjoy with pecan or pumpkin pie. The most important historical events have been prepared or decided around a table, it could be a good idea! But let’s hope they do not wait long. From Paolo Villoresi

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Nov 2


Simple, tasty, warm family recipes are certainly a good part of the Holiday Season, of Thanksgiving, Christmas and of all the hours spent with the people we love or remembering those that are far, but close to our hearts. This year I will be lucky, my daughter Elena and her kids will visit from Florence Italy! I wish you a similar blessing. CIBO is meant to serve as your guide through out the coming Holidays, I’m even tempted to call this issue: The CIBO More and I hope you will add: and The Better! …. Paolo Villoresi

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Sep 14

By Paolo Villoresi

Different city, different Panino or sandwich; most people have lunch away from home and prefer a sandwich made with local ingredients. So in each major city and surroundings you can find a different one, all good, all appetizing, all not expensive. They bring it from home or they have it made by a nearby store.

Naples is a city rich in sound, color, fragrance and laundry drying in the sun. It’s a city that you must live in to understand beyond its usual surroundings. Naples is the capital of Campania, but the region is more than Naples and Vesuvius. There is the sea and a splendid coast, but Campania also has a very rich inland region, which has produced prized vegetables and fruits since the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks.

In Naples, people really love to live in the open. The city is full of small stores that sell fried food, cold cuts and pizza, so it is very easy to put together a nice simple a rapid lunch. ……

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Aug 31

From Paolo Villoresi … First of all let me mention my friend Jacopo Falleni, great Florentine mixologist who will give us very nice drinks; he promises he will make our drinks come true….for a long time! Will Levitt continues his very interesting series of the Italian-Americans, the people who first brought the Italian Cuisine in America and another homage from one of my dear friends and great photographer Jeanne Newman “An Homage to Women”. I wrote about a very good Neapolitan Panino, a very good recipe for any Lunch Box …

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