Feb 8

All of us, sooner or later have lived an adventure, I have gone through many more or less exciting and or positive ones. I’m not speaking of the fundamental ones like marriage(s) or educating your children, I’m talking of the others, of those that have shaped our lives and put to task our very own values and personality. I have lived many of these adventures also because I lived in two very different worlds, Europe and America, and I have changed many jobs. The one that I have just started to live is probably the most dangerous one, maybe it is happening for a good reason, and I thought of calling it “The Pancreas Adventure”.

This adventure forces me to put CIBO on hold for a few months, but I will be accompanied by my new blog: .

I’ll be telling you some of my past adventures while updating you on the one I’m currently living which, believe me, is making me discover a world completely unknown to me before, rich of many surprises – often curious ones, occasionally funny ones. Obviously, my new diets and therefore my new recipes will be part of this new adventure.

This rather personal letter is addressed to all of you: my subscribers, old and new, the friends that contribute to CIBO and all my other friends wherever they are.

To all of you, I’m asking you to write to me, to question me, to make requests, to send me your comments as is done with most blogs; this will allow me to continue to be useful to you and it will be of great help to me during this new adventure of mine!

So, we’ll talk to each other in the next few days on this blog and on my new blog, ; recipes will be freely available in as well as in this blog.

See you soon!