Nov 30


This is my collection of the most famous cheeses imported from Italy. Cheese making is one of the first ways of cooking used by man earlier than 3000 years ago and the first system man devised to preserve food. Good cheese is good for you, is nourishing, healthy and appetizing; the best way to enjoy cheese is with a good piece of bread, the appropriate wine and the company of a friend!

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Nov 22

Start off your Thanksgiving Italian style: Pour a bubbly aperitivo and get everyone in a festive mood even before the meal begins. Refreshingly crisp and light, a dry Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene spumante is a perfect alternative to champagne. You may close the dinner with a flute of Moscato, an exceptional dessert wine to enjoy with pecan or pumpkin pie. The most important historical events have been prepared or decided around a table, it could be a good idea! But let’s hope they do not wait long. From Paolo Villoresi

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Nov 9

Florence fennel is often mislabeled as sweet anise, causing it to be confused with the herb anise. Although its flavor recalls the licorice-like taste of anise, it is sweeter and subtler tasting than anise, so those who don’t like the flavor of licorice, may still enjoy eating fennel. There is also a second type of fennel called common fennel, which is used for its seeds.

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Nov 2


Simple, tasty, warm family recipes are certainly a good part of the Holiday Season, of Thanksgiving, Christmas and of all the hours spent with the people we love or remembering those that are far, but close to our hearts. This year I will be lucky, my daughter Elena and her kids will visit from Florence Italy! I wish you a similar blessing. CIBO is meant to serve as your guide through out the coming Holidays, I’m even tempted to call this issue: The CIBO More and I hope you will add: and The Better! …. Paolo Villoresi

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