May 17


Serena is a dear friend of mine, but when she asked me to prepare with her a lecture on the lunch box I didn’t take her seriously.

“Paolo it’s a new topic fun and it is for charity; I will do the demos and you tell the history”.

I started to do some research and I found lot of material. Another friend and my eldest daughter did it in other countries and, in a few hours, I had a lot of material.

Although with different names, I realized that lunch boxes have existed for 3000 years. In Milan they are called schiscette in most places they are called cestini, but they are always lunch boxes

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May 4

Sebastiano is passionate of canoeing, a good sword fencer, loves reading and listening to good music. He went trough a long and deep curriculum of scientific studies and a very successful business carrier in the pharmaceutical industry, but one beautiful day he decided to live a different experience and move to London, a city ne loved, with his wife Maria and their daughters Giulia and Chiara.

Consequently he reinvents himself and started in London his “Sicily in London Ltd.” a Business to Business importing Sicilian specialty. He is a good cook and, to make sure his daughters will be well aware of the food and culture of his native land, Sebastiano wrote a very nice book full of beautiful photos and exceptional recipes. The book is made precious by interesting stories and legends of his beloved Sicily.

101 Sicilian Recipes
History, Legends And Food From Sicily
By Sebastiano Accaputo

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