How to: carve poultry

The holiday season is filled with many family gatherings or meals entertaining friends. Whether you are the host or the guest,below are some helpful hints for carving your turkeys or other poultry roasts with ease.

1. Remove the bird from the oven and set aside to rest,uncovered, for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows the juices to set-tle, keeps the skin from getting soggy and firms up the meat sothat it is easier to slice.

2. Using a sharp knife, slice into the skin where the legmeets the breast. Pull gently on the drumstick until you find thejoint. Cut through to separate the leg from the body. Repeat onthe other side.

3. Pull the wing away from the body and slice into thebreast 1 inch deeper than the wing’s base. Continue cuttinguntil you detach the wing. Repeat with the remaining wing.

4. Loosen the wishbone with a knife. Grasp it at the basewith your fingers and pull it out. This will give you full accessto the breast meat.

5. Hold the knife parallel to the breastbone (lengthwise)to slice the white meat. Secure the bird with your hand, or usea carving fork to protect your fingers.

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