Dec 18

La Piazza is an on-line magazine:

a la Carte, Dynamic, Interactive and Horizontal
a la Carte because you, browsers and readers, can select what you wish;
Dynamic because it is updated almost daily;
Interactive because it allows direct contact between Consumers and Producers;
Horizontal because, besides Food and Wine, the residents of La Piazza offer: all the ingredients of the Italian Lifestyle directly from Italy and from the US the Italian Culture to children and adults of the US, Canada and of many other countries in all continents.

You can go shopping or browsing, to the Theater, to watch a show or simply enjoy a panino, a sandwich, as you would in Italy.

What’s New
Like in the old times, I shout with my sign, all is new today!!

La Piazza is like a piece of real estate with spaces to rent, services and public buildings.

With a Click you enter in a house, select a resident, and do what you wish: read, listen, look or buy. You can buy a ticket to the City Center or a cooking course. We can visit a Prosciutto maker or an art gallery, restaurants and trattorie in Italy, in the US, in Canada or in some other parts of the world.

You can buy a cruise of the Mediterranean, a beautiful handbag, a set of recipes, a vase of porcelain or you can select to listen to a travel story.

The Residents of La Piazza offer premiums to all visitors

La Piazza, like any square, is a place where one can see or be seen, buy or sell, listen or talk to many different people. Like a magazine, La Piazza is a place to enjoy the pages you wish when you feel like it.

La Piazza is a never-ending happening: always more recipes, information, products and services for Readers of all ages from 1 to 90!!

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