Jan 22

Italian Cooking Forum is the media I chose to chat with all the enthusiasts of Italian culture about wine, cooking, and tradition.

In particular, all the subscribers of Italian Cooking & Living, Cibo, the members of the Clubs, ICC Club and Italian Culinary Institute will be able to participate in it by sending us videos of their dinners, barbecues, and whatever they think could be entertaining in terms of Italian food and culture.

Italian Cooking Forum is open to anybody, anywhere in the world through the website of Italian Cooking & Living: www.italiancookingandliving.com

Italian Cooking Forum aims to be a casual way to talk freely with you about Italian cuisine and culture; about recipes and ingredients, and about what’s behind them, including their stories and traditions. I’d like to listen also – and to make you listen too – people’s ideas, their wishes, also to their objections about what we do. I’ll limit myself to answer the questions and to update you on my culinary and cultural activities: news, lectures, and videos.

I am sure we will be very happy if readers, sympathizers and curious people from all over the world would join us at our “table”.

Conviviality is one of the major features of Italian culture and cuisine, therefore…welcome to all of you!

Paolo Villoresi